The Importance of Having a Mentor When Property Investing

Investing in property involves a large sum of money and a commitment. Therefore investment in property must be undertaken after understanding the real estate market, which can either be done by studying and gathering all the available information, or more easily, by finding a mentor. A mentor is a person who is more experienced and fits in the role of a counselor who gives good advice based on his knowledge and expertise. Today mentors are found in every sphere of activity, and in the arena of property investment, they can put a potential property investor on the right track.

Property investment today has gained importance now due to its business potential. Property investment opportunities abound but picking up the right one requires expertise which most people cannot easily acquire due to lack of time and inclination. Having a mentor will help in picking on his in-depth knowledge, his research results, tracking lucrative investments in real estate and also using their common sense approach. A mentor often uses a hand holding approach and walks his mentee through the ins and outs of property investment and seeing though a successful deal.

Why it is important to have a Mentor for Property Investment

  • It is important to make informed decisions but information may be lacking- Investing in property is serious business and informed decisions can only be made if one has the knowledge and expertise in the real estate market. Since it is not everyone’s cup of tea, it is ideal to have a mentor who knows enough with all his research and reading of the latest trends and events.
  • Mentors know all aspects of the property business- Since this is their area of expertise mentors are familiar with the ups and downs of the property investing business, and can provide the right guidance when it comes to investing.
  • Mentors understand needs and suggest solutions accordingly- as specialist consultants for property investing mentors are able to identify the best property for an investor on the basis of his needs. Since they understand consumer buying behavior they are able to give the right advice.
  • Mentors understand property trends and the potential- This enables them to guide investors when it comes to property investing.
  • Mentors help to find lucrative investments even during recession- Everyone can make money through investing during boom times, but it takes an expert to come up with winning ideas during a downswing or recession.
  • Mentors provide valuation for properties as a business investment- With increasing demand for properties as business propositions, mentors are the ones who can identify which property makes good business sense.
  • Help to build property portfolios for clients- Since property is now a business proposition investors are building property portfolios similar to stock portfolios. Only a mentor can help to identify the best buys which will yield justifiable returns.
  • Mentors can provide the hand holding needed by nervous investors- the recent financial crisis has made investors nervous and skeptical. Mentors alone can provide the comfort they need for investing with their experience and expertise.

Mentors are not real estate agents trying to sell a certain property. They are consultants in the field who know the market and through research and analysis, come up with the right advice.

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