Renovation- Tips For Adding A Garage

Home renovation to increase space helps to maximize the use of property by providing for storage of large assets like cars, boats, motorbikes and other big vehicles that cannot be left in the open for too long. It could be a simple shed type structure, or a well built one, that is as well painted and finished. Addition of a garage is considered seriously when the number of vehicles in the family increase, and there is free open space available that can be used for a garage, to provide covered protection to the vehicles. Additionally, lots of odds and ends can be stored, like old furniture pieces, extra refrigerators or a deep freezer, and similar bulky items. There are many residential properties that do not come with a garage and when everything else appeals, its absence is not sufficient reason to abandon the property. It is only a matter of time before it is sorely missed, and the need to add a garage becomes a top priority.


Some tips for adding a garage will help to do it right and maximize the benefit from it.

  1. Building an attached garage makes it more useful for storing things needed in the home, like tools and deep freezers, and facilitate access to them. So an attached garage is a better option for frequently used cars etc.
  2. A detached garage makes sense if infrequently used equipment, devices and bulky assets have to be stored.
  3. A garage can also be added to serve as an office and used to work from home.
  4. Garages are the perfect workshops for people fond of carpentry, painting or other creative activities and needing peace and quiet to work.
  5. Using the existing foundation of the house to add a garage helps to save costs and effort involved.
  6. A glass door is a cheaper option and adds visibility from the outside, besides making the garage bright and naturally laminated during daytime.
  7. Like all other renovation exercises, once the thought of a garage addition becomes clear, budgeting needs to be worked out, before the thought can be transformed into a real structure.
  8. A garage, be it attached or detached, must be constructed with the same brick type and color as the rest of the house to blend with the facade of the home.
  9. A secure locking system must be installed since the garage is another access point for the home.
  10. While constructing, make sure that shelves are added on the walls, and there is space left on all sides even after a big car gets parked. As families grow, so do the material assets and there is always a shortage of storage space.
  11. Insulating the walls of the garage will make it as warm and cozy as the rest of the house.

Adding a garage not only provides additional working and storage space, it also enhances the value of the property and makes the home complete. So even if it costs some money, it is an investment that will yield returns.

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