Renovation – Tips For Adding A New Bathroom

Home renovations often include extensions and new additions as families grow or new needs arise. Adding a new bathroom is one such need when old parents move in, or growing children no longer like to share bathrooms, or a separate bathroom for guests is required. The traditional concept of having fewer bathrooms has changed and in a house with more than four bedrooms it makes perfect sense to even convert a smaller bedroom into a bathroom. An additional bathroom enhances the investment value of a property by at least five percent.

Adding a bathroom from scratch is simple provided there is access to a water source and the drain pipe in the house. Space is an asset but a small bathroom can be carved out of the existing building with ease. It needs to be ascertained whether an en suite bathroom is needed or can it be located anywhere in the building. The easiest is to have a new bathroom constructed back-to-back with an existing one. This provides access to pipes behind the wall and only the position of the door needs to be decided. But bathroom fittings do not come cheap, and even the simplest ones can add up to a couple of thousand dollars if not more.

Points to consider for adding a new bathroom

  • Find out whether prior clearance is required for adding a bathroom
  • Have a plan ready with a budget allocated for the fixtures and flooring-will a powder room suffice or a full bathroom is necessary.
  • Having the new bathroom near an existing one will facilitate the water pipe and drain issues
  • The area selected needs to be structurally solid to be able to take the plumbing work needed for water pipes and drains.
  • Find a contractor who knows his work and can ensure a leak proof bathroom
  • Special paint is required for the bathroom that can last despite the high moisture content
  • Getting non corrosive pipes will help since they will last longer and not need to be replaced.
  • A light source and one air outlet is preferred. An exhaust fan helps in circulating air and preventing moisture from seeping in and creating a bad odor.
  • Pedestal sinks are more practical and add to the neat finish of the bathroom, providing more legroom.
  • Shower cubicles especially in the corner are real space savers and cheaper than bath tubs
  • Lighter shades on the walls and fixtures give the semblance of space to even a small bathroom.
  • Adding glass in the form of mirrors, glass partitions etc also add to the spacious look of the bathroom.

The task of adding a new bathroom can be a single job or part of a larger renovation plan, in which case it can prove to be more cost effective, since a lot of the materials needed and labor involved, even the contractor used, can be shared. Needless to say a new bathroom will add to the new look of the home.

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