Renovation- Tips For Adding A New Room

Homes sometimes need to grow as families grow. But a home can grow only if a room or two is added as part of a renovation exercise. Many people shift out to a larger home when the need arises and it no longer seems possible to continue in the cramped space. However, many people love their homes and localities and would rather expand than vacate. Adding a room is the way space can be increased in the home, which will also enhance the value of the home from the investment point of view. It is also a cheaper option than buying a new home, shifting and relocating. The room addition needed may be either a family room or a bedroom, and the size and layout will vary accordingly.

All renovations and extensions need prior government approval though some internal restructuring is exempt. For extensions or constructing a room on another floor a building permit is required. The first question is whether to expand by extending the existing structure laterally or to construct another floor. This is subject to building regulations and the budget allocated since adding a floor involves a lot more expense. Cheaper options including converting a garage, a basement or an attic into a room, which may not require new construction since a bit of restructuring and furnishing will suffice.

Useful Tips

  • Once approvals have been taken and a room addition plan is in place, the next step is to find a certified contractor who will do a neat job without charging too much money. This is possible by taking multiple quotations and selecting the lowest bid.
  • A home improvement loan is a better option for financing the room addition and since the sum of money involved is small, it gets paid off effortlessly over time.
  • Adding a new room at the back of the house is a better option since it does not impact the front façade, and may not require repainting of the exterior walls.
  • Select a design and layout that merges with the existing home design so that the addition does not look like an afterthought, and seems a part of the original home. This means getting the same type of doors and windows, wall textures and fittings.
  • The room added must be convenient to reach and access and not appear like an outhouse, separated from the rest of the house.
  • If a contractor is expensive, it may be a good idea to get the roofing and outer walls from professionals and the interiors can be a DIY exercise. There is help and advice available from numerous online resources which can be used for this purpose.

Adding a new room to the home adds comfort, convenience and value to the home. Creating more space gives spatial freedom to residents and they no longer get in one another’s way. With an increase in the covered area the value of the house increases, and the expense incurred in adding the room multiplies many times over.

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