How Fresh Is Your Info?

Right now the property market is changing every day, we have commentators telling us that we're still in a buyers market and some saying it's still a sellers market.

But let's face it the only thing that most commentary has in common is that they are all reacting to "OLD INFORMATION!", and so we want to give you all new information in this 3 part webinar series.

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We want to show you what's going on "Right Now" in three vitally important parts of your property investing.

  • Firstly we'll take you through the mine field of massive tax changes, and show you what you need to know right now.
  • Secondly we'll explain in great detail what our clients are doing that's making them the bucks at the moment (This will really blow you away).
  • And lastly we are going to take you on a trip over what we see coming in the next 12 -24 months in property.

Lets face it if you're looking back you're going to repeat what you see, so lets look forward and design the future we want for ourselves.

Hey and while we're at it we will also be giving away an iPad2 to one of our lucky attendees of this 3 part webinar series and with only 1000 seats available you're odds are great!

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We will show you on each webinar how to enter the draw, and for each webinar you watch you will have another chance to enter, and someone WILL walk away with a brand new iPad2!

We look forward to seeing you on the webinars.

Happy Investing
The Property Tutors Team

Webinar Series

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