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Press Release 18 July 2012

PropertyTutors and Gilligan Rowe & Associates are running a free information evening in the 4 main centre’s, Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch. This free event could help you create the financial future you want.

This event is a joint project with PropertyTutors and Gilligan Rowe & Associates and offers people the chance to learn about crucial money concepts.

Over the 2 hour information evening the following areas will be covered

  • Why you might not be good with money
  • Why your present financial situation isn’t what you want it to be
  • How your perceptions and expectations about money create your reality
  • 3 secrets to understanding your financial DNA and taking the reins of your money future
  • 2 of the biggest mistakes people make concerning money

Janet Xuccoa, Partner at Gilligan Rowe & Associates will present at all four information evenings and she will impart her knowledge and wisdom from many years experience in business. Over the years Janet has seen that many people just need plain, sensible, down to earth advice on how to deal with money. When they get that, they get ahead. That’s the reason she’s writing her next book Money Secrets 101 and presenting at these events.

For those that attend the 101 Money School in Auckland and Hamilton PropertyTutor’s Steve Starke will impart the secret of his success. Steve has turned over $7,000,000 in property, making around $6,500 per month (gross profit) doing it. Steve will talk about how to build wealth through property investment.

Joining Janet Xuccoa in Wellington and Christchurch will be Joy Thomson from PropertyTutors. Joy will offer an insight in to how to build a well balanced property portfolio and she will also share her passion for real estate investing.

These evening offer a great opportunity to listen to people who have made a success of themselves and are willing to share their knowledge.

If you’d like more information about this or to register for this event go to www.101money.co.nz

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