Property Investment Strategies

Looking at the various ways you can make money from your property investments, you will see the flexibility that Property Investment NZ offers, means it makes a good investment for many different investors.

There are many ways to make money with real estate, but the following 5 strategies should be considered.

Five top strategies for Property Investing

  1. Buy & Hold – The most common property investment strategy where you buy a property and rent it out with the aim of making capital gains and return through income.
  2. Renovations – Adding value by improving, cleaning and renovating the property, this option appeals to many as often the fixes required are just cosmetic and look more daunting than they really are.
  3. Flipping – Short-term fast cash property investment strategy where you buy a property and then sell it again before title transfers into your name.
  4. Lease-Options – A property investment strategy that takes a residential lease and provides the tenant with an option to buy the property too.
  5. Vendor Financing – Sometimes called wrapping, this is when the investor buys a property and then sells it on ‘vendor’s terms’.

Choosing the right property investment strategy is all about matching the right real estate problem with the right investing solution. Your choice of which strategy to use depends largely on the profit outcome or yield you want to achieve.

If you are already on the property ladder, then the key to increasing your returns is to focus on the strategy that best suits you. Doing your research and making sure that they strategy you choose will give the returns you want. Often using a mentor will enable you to focus your attention on the right strategy.

Be creative

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to begin making substantial returns and profits out of property investment. All you need is the right property, bought at the right price, with the right person living in it, under the right property investment strategy. For more tips on how to achieve this check out

The property investment market is constantly changing, so you need to know your area and know the Real estate Agents that operate in your area. Staying one step ahead of the competition can bring you the best opportunities.

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