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Investing in residential property is still the shortest route to building substantial & tangible wealth in New Zealand. No other investment offers you the same combination of personal control and upside. In a few short months, you can lay the foundations of a business that delivers passive income for years to come.

But you have to do it right.

That’s where we come in. PropertyTutors is run by New Zealanders like you, who have successfully negotiated property deals totalling in the hundreds of millions of dollars. More importantly, they have learned the strategies and systems that enable any investor to build long-term income. And they’re prepared to share these insights with you.

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We are not promising an “easy road to riches.” To achieve the rewards of a multimillion-dollar property portfolio, you will need to apply firm strategies and stick to the type of plan we can help you map out. If you do so, the rewards will come.

7 Key things to Learn

  1. What’s happening in the property market right now? Get fresh insights from experts who are doing deals right, and right now, in today’s market.
  2. Practical do-it-yourself tactics we use to find, analyse and secure profitable properties.
  3. Learn how we make the numbers work, so you can see the real value in a property transaction and extract the maximum gain.
  4. How to sniff out and negotiate the best deals. Find out how, when and where to buy, why speed is vital, and when to sell.
  5. How to renovate at minimal cost to generate large chunks of cash plus the equity to grow your portfolio.
  6. The right financial structures to protect your wealth and minimise your tax (legally). This could save you a fortune!
  7. What’s happening with the banks – innovative ways to secure financing and stay in the driver’s seat. We will table at the event, a PropertyTutors exclusive deal summary showing you the streets in which over 80 million in investing deals have been achieved, in around the last 18 months or so. If you are thinking of purchasing an investment property, this might be pretty important information!

On this day less than 25 people will be offered the unique opportunity to work personally in the market with Sean or Steve and get their ongoing input as you search, negotiate, buy and make your journey towards a multi-million dollar property portfolio. This is an exclusive opportunity to learn from the Masters – and it’s only available to those who attend The Masters Event in Auckland or Wellington.

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Property investors looking to take the next step.

If you’ve already started, we’ll show you how to buy smarter, add more value and manage your portfolio to maximise wealth.

New investors ready to kick-start their property portfolio Get the best possible start with the best possible advice and mentoring.

People who want a better return than the bank can offer If you’re asset rich and cash poor, we’ll show you strategies to build wealth with security.

Those self-employed or “starting over” You know your future depends on the actions you take. We’ll show you how to make the most of your opportunities and work the system to best effect.

To get your tickets either click on the links above or call Freephone 0800 888 676.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Team at PropertyTutors

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The Masters Event

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