Short Notice – Advanced Property Investing Webinar

Steve Goodey here, with a quick heads up for you.

Our first every Property Investing 101 webinar was a great success.

However a few people on the webinar started to ask some pretty advanced property investing questions but because it was a 101 webinar I couldn't get to them.

The good news is this Wednesday night at 7.30pm, I'm running an Advanced Property Investing Webinar – Go here to register today. This webinar is for more seasoned property investors, however if you are new to property investing then you may want to attend so you can to be inspired by the two case studies I'm going to share.

Wednesday's Webinar – Case Study One:
30+ Properties a Year Power Couple

That's right you will hear from a couple that regularly invest in 30+ properties a year. You'll discover how they do it, how they handle the pressure and how they finance it.

Make no mistake this case study will stretch your mind with regards to what's possible when it comes to property investing.

Plus you'll discover the one thing they do every week that adds millions to their retirement portfolio. This info will be gold, go here to register today.

Wednesday's Webinar – Case Study Two:
Ex Nurse, Mother of Two Kids & A Property Investing Weapon to Boot!

This case study is so awesome, take a look at what you'll learn.

  • $18k week — A classic property investing strategy that allowed her to make $18,000 in one week.
  • 14 Day Reno Strategy — Okay forget "The Block" 10 weeks Reno thingy because if you want to make serious money then you will want to discover this "14 Day Reno Strategy".
  • The Property Trap — Step by step how she got out of the "Property Trap" that most property investors get themselves into at one stage or another.

See you on the 2nd, don't be late.

Happy property investing.

Steve Goodey – Property Tutors

P.S. Remember our webinars always fill up fast. Register online at Wednesday, May 1, 2013 7:30 PM. Plus simply give us your mobile number so we can text you 30 mins prior to the webinar to remind you that it's about to start.

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