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PropertyTutors appoints new General Manager

Highly-regarded property investment tutoring experts, PropertyTutors Ltd, have appointed top real estate agent, trainer and businessman Phil Thompson to the role of general manager for the company nationwide. Thompson will be based in the Newmarket, Auckland office and takes over from previous general manager Steve Starke who has elected to focus more on his personal […]

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Will You Be Ready For This Property Investing Storm?

Memorise this wealth creation equation today…LIR + IR + HS = The Perfect Property Investing Storm It’s true, in our opinion these 3 factors LIR + IR + HS, will cause the biggest property investing opportunity ever seen in New Zealand. What is more when you add these 3 factors into the mix with the […]

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The Masters Be Inspired



Investing in residential property is still the shortest route to building substantial & tangible wealth in New Zealand. No other investment offers you the same combination of personal control and upside. In a few short months, you can lay the foundations of a business that delivers passive income for years to come.

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Investing In Apartments Webinar Recording

Grant Hoey and Steve Goodey of PropertyTutors provide knowledge and know how for property investors on investing in Apartments. The apartment market particularly in Auckland is booming and the time is right to ‘make hay why the sun shines’ so to speak. Watch this video on Apartment Investing by Grant Hoey, an avid investor and […]

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Join Grant Hoey for a Webinar on February 27

Who said there no capital gains when investing in Auckland city apartments. Hi Grant Hoey here….since purchasing my first apartment in 2006 the apartments are now seeing a good strong return on investment from capital growth. Reinforcing the even stronger positive cashflow that we have had for a number of years from these investment products […]

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Meet Grant Hoey 10th March 2013 – Auckland Property Mentor

The New Year is well under way and prospective tenants are heading back to the city in droves to secure the best (and probably) cheapest apartments to rent.

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New Zealanders are Homing in on Flats

Weary buyers have been taking a fresh look at apartments – not houses. Many New Zealand Property Investors and first-home buyers are giving up on the house in the suburbs and focusing on apartments in the centre of the city.

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Cashflow and Capital Gain Apartment Investing eBook

This is the second eBook from PropertyTutors Limited. Cashflow and Capital Gain from Apartment Investing provides valuable articles on the how to successfully invest in Apartments in New Zealand.

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Higher Lending To Apartment Buyers Pushes High Density Residential Areas

Home loan providers are rethinking their lending policies in order to grab a larger chunk of the market. Knowing fully well that buying the first home is always the toughest and getting the down payment together a challenge, they are now customizing their lending policies to catch such new entrants.

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Seven Wealth Creating Benefits of Multi-Apartment Investments

Apartment investing for living purposes provides numerous benefits, but real money making benefits accrue to investors who opt for purchase of multi-units.

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