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Eight Avoidable Mistakes While Buying An Apartment

Buying an apartment may seem easy at the outset with its lower cost and smaller size of a single unit in shared premises.

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Auckland Property Investment – High Density Living

Many property investors have shied away from apartments as an option for property investment nz, partly the reason for this may be historic perceptions. Banks and financial institutions have treated apartments as a higher risk and would not lend as much to investors, this is called the LVR (loan to value ratio).

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Grant Hoey Answers Questions About Apartment Investment

PropertyTutors.com are talking with Grant Hoey on Apartments, property investment nz and strategies. Grant gives his views on a number of areas of investing in Apartments.

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Why Choose to Invest in Apartments?

Investing in Apartments can provide good cash flow and capital return for the investor says Grant Hoey a seasoned Apartment investor and Apartment investment mentor.

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Grant Hoey – Invest In Auckland Apartments

Apartment Investor Grant Hoey still loves investing in the Auckland Apartment market even after seven years of market turmoil. For Grant his love of investing in Auckland Apartments commenced in May 2005.

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PropertyTutors Masters Event in Wellington

In this article is a video of Sean Wood talking to David, who is a PropertyTutors master’s student and has been on the program for less than a year, about how he is getting on and what property investing has done for his life.

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Renovations – Build it Right

From the first of March 2012 all critical building work – known as Restricted Building Work, must be done by a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP). This means there are some changes you need to be aware of. This applies to most residential building or renovation work and only a Licensed Building Practitioner can undertake or supervise the Restricted Building Work.

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Join us for a Webinar on October 2

Right, this week we are going to have some fun. Over the last few months some of our clients, have had some big wins when it comes to investing in property. In fact, some of our clients have had 5 and 6 figure gains in only a few short weeks.

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Property Investing Webinar

On this Thursday 20th September, I’m going to interview a property investing newbie and a seasoned property investor at the same time. Both of these two people are making serious profits right now in the property market.

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eBook – 29 tips for Property Investment success

There is so much going on at PropertyTutors.com at the moment! We are currently giving you the opportunity to download the free ebook that will give you 29 know how property investing tips.

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