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PropertyTutors – One Day Masters Event

Press Release 29 August 2012. PropertyTutors are running a one day masters event – this event is at aimed at property investors who are looking to improve their portfolios or who are just getting started. If you are asset rich but cash poor or you are starting over then this event is worth making time for.

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Outdoor Renovation Tips

PropertyTutors.com know that nothing turns off potential tenants or purchasers quicker than water lying around the house and muddy paths. Check out this video for how to solve this problem.

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Attend More Seminars and Keep Learning

I have attended many courses and seminars on subjects as varied as renovating to lease options to predicting the property cycle to personal success. I may not have used all the strategies I learned, but I always found something useful in each and every one of the seminars I attended. I also crewed at a few property-investing related seminars and similar events, which was a great way to give something back, plus I learned something new every time. Being part of the crew at these events also put me in the room with many like-minded people, which without a doubt has to be one of the keys to success in any area.

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101 Money School

PropertyTutors and Gilligan Rowe & Associates are running a free information evening in the 4 main centre’s, Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch. This free event could help you create the financial future you want. This event is a joint project with PropertyTutors and Gilligan Rowe & Associates and offers people the chance to learn about crucial money concepts.

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Property Investment Strategies

Looking at the various ways you can make money from your property investments, you will see the flexibility that Property Investment NZ offers, means it makes a good investment for many different investors. There are many ways to make money with real estate, but the following 5 strategies should be considered.

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Get Education and Take Action

One decision can change your life – that decision for this would-be property investor was to attend a property seminar. Before I attended the seminar, I owned three properties: one was my own home, and the other two were the leaky buildings that were part of a development I had been marketing. The truth was that I had really only bought the latter two so I would look good to the developer. I truly had no idea what I was doing, I didn’t understand about yields and equity, or how important it was to look at the numbers.

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Webinar This Wednesday – Property Investor Update

Steve Goodey is covering:Upcoming property investor tax issues, Kurek Ashley book grab, A little more info about Project X, Client deals you should see to believe; and And more, you do not want to miss this webinar.

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Can you Save Money with DIY Renovating

If you have purchased a property that needs updating and modernizing, should you tackle the work yourself or should you get tradespeople in to do the work for you?

There are definite advantages and disadvantages to both scenarios and your decision will depend a lot on your skillset and abilities to do the jobs required and the timeframe you need the work done in.

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How to Cut Costs While Renovating Property

Property renovation becomes a necessity if it has to be sold, rented out or even lived in, especially if it is old and has been neglected for a few years. Any recently purchased property will also require some modernization and renovation to meet the residents’ needs and appeal to their tastes. But renovation can cost a lot of money, and property owners can easily get carried away without realizing how much they have spent. As a rule, renovations must not exceed 5% of the property price.

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How a Mentor can help your Property Investment Business

Even many experienced Property Investors will find themselves in a situation that is unfamiliar and that they no experience of. Having a Mentor is a great way of always taking a balanced approach to investing. Two heads are definitely better than one.

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