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Money Secrets of the Property Millionaires

The fundamentals for sound property investment have recovered we believe and that presents an opportunity for many of us. In the news of late is mention of Auckland’s population reaching 1.5 million, rising house prices and the battle many renters are going through to secure rental accommodation.

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Make 2012 Your Year Of The Real

PropertyTutors invites you to a free information evening presenting the facts on how, why and where hundreds of 1000s of dollars are being made. Understand that this money is being made in your neck in the woods right now.

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DIY Property Investment Works With Tutoring

New Zealanders still have a strong D.I.Y. (do it yourself) inclination while many other nationalities have moved to outsource their ‘lives’ including where they put their money for investment.

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Why Seeking Professional Help Is Important for Property Investment

Property investing is not as simple as it seems. It needs to be done right, by buying the right property in the right place, and at the right time. The right property here refers to the choice between commercial and residential, apartment versus landed property, and so on.

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Property Investment Education Resources

here is a wide choice of resources available for those wanting some kind of education on property investment. The need for education is felt by those who wish to master the art of making informed decisions while buying property and with the desire to stay active in the real estate market either by flipping properties or buying them cheap whenever an opportunity presents itself.

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Guidelines For Choosing A Property Mentor

Choosing a property mentor is not easy since there may be tens available and with few overtly visible differences, the task is confusing unless some guidelines are followed. The crucial thing is to find the best property mentor available who can train and educate, advise and counsel so that the best results are achieved through […]

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Property Investment – The Ideal Route To Wealth Creation

Property investment is the ideal route to wealth creation and financial well being.  Irrespective of the investing strategies opted for, property has proved to be one of the safest methods of making money with lower risks and higher gains. Other investment channels have proved to be less secure and highly volatile. Property is the only […]

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How Fresh Is Your Info?

Right now the property market is changing every day, we have commentators telling us that we’;re still in a buyers market and some saying it’;s still a sellers market.

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1st Steps Property Planning

The three presenters will cover all the details and information you need to know in this property market including strategies, finance, tax as well as a personal financial planning tool to help you create the retirement package you really want.

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Renovation- Tips For Adding A Garage

Home renovation to increase space helps to maximize the use of property by providing for storage of large assets like cars, boats, motorbikes and other big vehicles that cannot be left in the open for too long. It could be a simple shed type structure, or a well built one, that is as well painted and finished.

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