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Why This Property Did Not Work

A Wellington property with a very colour past is up for sale and we looked at purchasing it.   On face value you could see it had a lot of potential for a buy and hold or a trade.  It was the first time I had visited the property I hasten to add and it […]

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New Property Investing eBook For New Zealanders

Sean Wood and Steve Goodey of PropertyTutors have put together their top property investing lessons in a free downloadable eBook. Known as New Zealand’s leading property mentors Sean Wood and Steve  Goodey share their investing experiences and let you know what to look out for to avoid some of the errors they made along the […]

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Will You Be Ready For This Property Investing Storm?

Memorise this wealth creation equation today…LIR + IR + HS = The Perfect Property Investing Storm It’s true, in our opinion these 3 factors LIR + IR + HS, will cause the biggest property investing opportunity ever seen in New Zealand. What is more when you add these 3 factors into the mix with the […]

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The Masters Be Inspired



Investing in residential property is still the shortest route to building substantial & tangible wealth in New Zealand. No other investment offers you the same combination of personal control and upside. In a few short months, you can lay the foundations of a business that delivers passive income for years to come.

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Join us for a Webinar on October 2

Right, this week we are going to have some fun. Over the last few months some of our clients, have had some big wins when it comes to investing in property. In fact, some of our clients have had 5 and 6 figure gains in only a few short weeks.

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Attend More Seminars and Keep Learning

I have attended many courses and seminars on subjects as varied as renovating to lease options to predicting the property cycle to personal success. I may not have used all the strategies I learned, but I always found something useful in each and every one of the seminars I attended. I also crewed at a few property-investing related seminars and similar events, which was a great way to give something back, plus I learned something new every time. Being part of the crew at these events also put me in the room with many like-minded people, which without a doubt has to be one of the keys to success in any area.

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Get Education and Take Action

One decision can change your life – that decision for this would-be property investor was to attend a property seminar. Before I attended the seminar, I owned three properties: one was my own home, and the other two were the leaky buildings that were part of a development I had been marketing. The truth was that I had really only bought the latter two so I would look good to the developer. I truly had no idea what I was doing, I didn’t understand about yields and equity, or how important it was to look at the numbers.

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How a Mentor can help your Property Investment Business

Even many experienced Property Investors will find themselves in a situation that is unfamiliar and that they no experience of. Having a Mentor is a great way of always taking a balanced approach to investing. Two heads are definitely better than one.

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Money Secrets of the Property Millionaires

The fundamentals for sound property investment have recovered we believe and that presents an opportunity for many of us. In the news of late is mention of Auckland’s population reaching 1.5 million, rising house prices and the battle many renters are going through to secure rental accommodation.

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Make 2012 Your Year Of The Real

PropertyTutors invites you to a free information evening presenting the facts on how, why and where hundreds of 1000s of dollars are being made. Understand that this money is being made in your neck in the woods right now.

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