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Property Investment Strategies

Looking at the various ways you can make money from your property investments, you will see the flexibility that Property Investment NZ offers, means it makes a good investment for many different investors. There are many ways to make money with real estate, but the following 5 strategies should be considered.

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What is Flipping

Flipping is a term frequently used with reference to property and means buying and quickly selling it off with the intention of making a profit. Flipping is a profit making exercise in which quick returns are sought by reselling a piece of real estate purchased in the very recent past.

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What is Buy and Hold

Buy and hold as the term itself suggests is a popular property investment strategy implying that an investor must purchase and property and hold on to it for the medium or long term. Such properties may not yield results immediately or in the short term in terms of appreciation in prices, but will gradually find an increase in their value.

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