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Why This Property Did Not Work

A Wellington property with a very colour past is up for sale and we looked at purchasing it.   On face value you could see it had a lot of potential for a buy and hold or a trade.  It was the first time I had visited the property I hasten to add and it […]

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Rents This Low Why Invest?

Would you pay $50 a week rent for a $1 million property?  It would be hard to turn that down if it was offered.  And on the other side of the fence – even the most naive of property owners would expect a better return than that! This property does exist – in fact there […]

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The New Rules of Funding Webinar 12 Sept 13

The rules have changed so I have managed to get a Property Funding Expert to come on this webinar with me. I’m picking his expert knowledge could help you a lot especially when it comes to getting finance for your next property project. Here’s what you will learn on this webinar: We will highlight the 2 […]

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Reno 4 Cash Webinar

Wow… Too many questions and not enough time! It seems that my “Reno 4 Cash” video has sparked a few questions from eager property investors wanting to know more. So on August 27th @ 7.30pm I’ve decided to run a special webinar:

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New Property Investing eBook For New Zealanders

Sean Wood and Steve Goodey of PropertyTutors have put together their top property investing lessons in a free downloadable eBook. Known as New Zealand’s leading property mentors Sean Wood and Steve  Goodey share their investing experiences and let you know what to look out for to avoid some of the errors they made along the […]

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GST vs Property – Quick Fire Webinar

This webinar topic is one of our most requested topics. GST. Yep love it or hate it, Goods & Services Tax is one of the biggest road blocks when it comes to investing in property right now in NZ. The good news is on Tuesday night at 7.30pm, myself and John Rowe from Gilligan Rowe & Associates are going to run a 45 minute webinar on this topic.

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The Masters Be Inspired



Investing in residential property is still the shortest route to building substantial & tangible wealth in New Zealand. No other investment offers you the same combination of personal control and upside. In a few short months, you can lay the foundations of a business that delivers passive income for years to come.

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